1988: Pato Banton- Never give in
1989: Pato Banton- Visions of the world
1990: Pato Banton- Wize up! (No Compromize)
1991: Pato Banton- Live & Kickin all over America
1992: Pato Banton- Universal Love
1994: Pato Banton- Collections
1995: Sting- This Cowboy Song
1996: Pato Banton- Stay Positive
2000: Pato Banton- Live in Brazil
2000: Pato Banton- Life is a Miracle
2001: Pato Banton- Life in Maritime- San Francisco
2004: Steel Pulse- African Holocaust
2007: Resistance- I-Ruption
2008: Positivo- No Time

2004: Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution- Spreading the News: Live


...for Companies, Seminars, Congresses

A highlight for company parties or a convenient alternative for a seminar or congress


...for schools and kindergartens

Drumming for a one- off Event as for example a theme day or regular, long term workshops


A great choice for hotels, spas or sport and leisure events

Live Music

...for your event

Reggae, Latin, Drum music or live percussion for Djs