Our Workshops are primarily played on Djembes.
The Djembe is a drum which comes from West Africa. The body is vase-shaped and is carved from a tree trunk. The drum has traditionally a goathide head that is tuned with ropes. We have Djembes in different sizes, to make shure that even the smallest can find a suitable drum.

Dundun, Sangba, Kenkeni:

These are the bass drums matching to the Djembe. They are played with sticks or Mallets and form the foundation of the rhythm.

Shakers, Scrapers, Metal Sounds:

These are some of the instruments:
Cowbell, Cabasa, Maracas, Egg shaker, Guiro, Triangle, Tambourine, Caxixi, Calabash, Shaker, Ghanabell, ...

These instruments add more colour to the rhythm.


...for Companies, Seminars, Congresses

A highlight for company parties or a convenient alternative for a seminar or congress


...for schools and kindergartens

Drumming for a one- off Event as for example a theme day or regular, long term workshops


A great choice for hotels, spas or sport and leisure events

Live Music

...for your event

Reggae, Latin, Drum music or live percussion for Djs