... A new offer in our programme- a drum workshop in the water!
We play drums with our hands on the water where astonishingly many different sounds originate.

We use shakers and other small percussion instruments which develop quite an authentic sound in the water and we use the rare, rather unknown WATERDRUMS which have a warm pleasant bass tone.

Waterdrums are big bowls from halved, dried gigantic pumpkins. In many African cultures women use these bowls not only to wash laundry or to transport water; they turn them upside down lay them on the water and use them as a drum, because women were often not allowed to play the ordinary drums.
Water and drums can have a pleasant, balancing and calming effect. To combine both is a great experience!


...for Companies, Seminars, Congresses

A highlight for company parties or a convenient alternative for a seminar or congress


...for schools and kindergartens

Drumming for a one- off Event as for example a theme day or regular, long term workshops


A great choice for hotels, spas or sport and leisure events

Live Music

...for your event

Reggae, Latin, Drum music or live percussion for Djs