Workshops for children, schools and kindergartens

Children have a quite impartial and free access to the drum and to the rhythm.

They don’t think about the “How” and “Why”, they just play.

And besides they learn so important qualities as for example

Raymond Walker talks English, his mother tongue, in his workshops.

We offer Workshops for

For schools there is the possibility of a financial support of the Workshops by the cultural contact Austria (Dialogveranstaltungen- Einreichformular)


...for Companies, Seminars, Congresses

A highlight for company parties or a convenient alternative for a seminar or congress


...for schools and kindergartens

Drumming for a one- off Event as for example a theme day or regular, long term workshops


A great choice for hotels, spas or sport and leisure events

Live Music

...for your event

Reggae, Latin, Drum music or live percussion for Djs